RUSTYCO ®-GEL is a viscous unique rust solvent that can be applied with a brush. It removes all rust from all joints and cracks, pore-deep, from steel, stainless steel, aluminium and most ferrous metals. No need for blasting or sanding. It is not a converter. Microscopically cleans the surface and acts as an anti-corrosive agent. This is the ideal substrate for all primers and paints. Treat your metal as if it were new. RUSTYCO-GEL was developed for objects that cannot be submerged in a RUSTYCO rust-removing dip.

RUSTYCO-GEL does not damage varnish, plastic, wood, rubber, vinyl, glass, stainless steel, aluminium, copper, chromium, etc. The product does not produce any noxious fumes, is non-toxic, non-combustible, biodegradable and environmentally friendly.

INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: First, remove any loose rust, dirt, grease and oil. Apply RUSTYCO-GEL in an evenly thick layer using a brush, so that the rust can be properly absorbed. Let the GEL settle (at least 30 minutes). Repeat the treatment for high levels of rust until you have the desired result.

Tip 1:
In the case of large surfaces, you can cover the GEL using cling film. This prevents the GEL from drying out and it also ensures that the GEL will continue to work until it is saturated (darker in colour).

Tip 2:
Speed up the process by occasionally using a steel brush to rub the GEL into the rust. After the rust is removed, brush off the GEL with water. After this process, the object can be made temporarily anti-corrosive. Apply another thin layer of GEL (using a cloth for instance), let it dry and do not let it come into contact with moisture. It is now ready for further treatment.