Dip method

RUSTYCO ® RUST-SOLVENT is a unique rust remover. It removes all rust from all joints and cracks, pore-deep, from steel, stainless steel and most ferrous metals, without having to resort to blasting or sanding. It is not a converter. Gives metal a greyish anti-corrosion layer on a surface that has been microscopically cleaned; the ideal base for primers and paints. 
Treat your metal as if it were new. RUSTYCO ® is a high-grade concentrate, soluble in water and economical, especially for large objects. One litre of RUSTYCO ® is enough for a powerful 20-litre rust-removing dip that can be reused, until it has turned dark/black in colour.

RUSTYCO ® does not damage varnish, plastic, wood, rubber, vinyl, stainless steel, aluminium, copper, glass, chromium, etc.
 The product does not produce any noxious fumes, is non-toxic, non-combustible, biodegradable and environmentally friendly.

First, remove any loose rust, dirt, grease and oil.
Prepare a solution in water, e.g. in a plastic bucket or container.
Add 50 ml (= 5 caps) of RUSTYCO ® per litre of water.
Add more RUSTYCO ® for high levels of rust.
This will also prolong the life of the solution. Fully submerge the object in the rust-removing dip (at least 30 minutes). You may need 72 hours to remove high levels of rust. Take the objects out of the solution on a regular basis, brush off any loose rust and rinse with water. This will advance and speed up the process. 
By heating up the solution (up to a maximum of 65oC), all rust will disappear very quickly.
Submerge for another 5 minutes and leave to dry in order to give the object a temporary anti-corrosion layer after the process.
It is now ready for further treatment.

Use RUSTYCO ®-GEL to remove rust from objects that cannot be submerged.