Frequently asked questions

Dip method

How much RUSTYCO ® do I have to solve in water in order to obtain a positive result?
Add a minimum of 5 caps of RUSTYCO ® per litre of water (low levels of rust). Add more RUSTYCO ® for high levels of rust (use undiluted if necessary).

For how long does the object need to remain in RUSTYCO ® solution until it is fully de-rusted?
No exact figures can be given, as it depends on the amount of rust and the strength of the solution. A minimum of 30 minutes is common (low levels of rust) up to 72 hours (high levels of rust). By heating up the solution, all rust will disappear even quicker.

Why does the object need to be free of oil and grease?
RUSTYCO ® does not solve oil and grease (and thus no rubber) and therefore is unable to properly reach the rust.

Why take the objects out of the solution on a regular basis, brush off any loose rust and rinse with water?
By doing this, RUSTYCO ® no longer needs to solve this rust, thus considerably speeding up the process.

Can I use the RUSTYCO ® solution multiple times?
Yes, as many times until the colour has turned completely dark/black.

If the solution turns a white shade, is it still working?
Yes, it is still working perfectly. This is caused by certain pollutions from within the object itself.

Why do certain metal objects turn black?
This is because metal contains carbon. This can easily be removed by brushing the object under water, using a sturdy brush.

Can I leave the object in the RUSTYCO ® solution for as long as I want?
Yes, you can. For example, until all rust has been dissolved. RUSTYCO ® is non-toxic, not flammable and environmentally-friendly.



Why do I have to apply a thick layer of RUSTYCO ®-GEL on the rust?
This ensures that the rust is properly dissolved and properly absorbed in the GEL.

What to do if the RUSTYCO ®-GEL has dried out and the rust has not yet fully disappeared?
Repeat the procedure and use a steel brush to rub the GEL into the rust every now and then. This will considerably advance and speed up the process

Why opting for covering the RUSTYCO ®-GEL using cling film?
This prevents the GEL from drying out and it also ensures that the GEL will continue to work until it is saturated (darker in colour).