Removing rust from metal

Metal is a generic name for materials such as iron, steel copper, zinc etc. Rustyco removes all rust from all joints and cracks, pore-deep, from steel, stainless steel, aluminium and most ferrous metals.

Listed below are a few examples of metal objects which can be easily de-rusted with Rustyco.

 Rusty antique arm

Antique arms

Rust on antique arms is easily removed with Rustyco. Historic weapons such as rifles, pistols, daggers and knives can be de-rusted using the dip method.

Alternatively, random spots or patches of rust can be removed using the gel method.

This is how your antique arms are given a new leash of life!




Rusty church bell

De-rusting bells

Rustyco is also the solution for removing rust from (church) bells.

Church bells are often of extremely important historic value. Rust from the often century-old and previous bells is best removed with Rustyco. It is safe and environmentally-friendly!


De-rusting metal

There are of course many more examples in which Rustyco can be used successfully when rust needs to be removed from Metal.